Marion High School Athletics

The Patcast Season 3

From the MHS Cyber Studios

The Patcast

This weekly show is a conversation about all things Marion Patriots athletics. Each episode is solely devoted to creating exposure for all facets of Patriots Athletics. Guests include coaches, student athletes, athletics staff, and figures from the community who contribute to the advancing of Patriots Athletics. 

MHS Cyber Studios

Marion High School's front-and-center cyber security education lab plays host to The Patcast and the Marion Patriots Athletics Network. This room is the most unique in appearance and function in the Marion School District as it is visually appealing enough to provide a backdrop for the show, but also versatile enough to be used for educating students in the field of cyber security and video filming, production, and editing.


The Patcast was created in the fall of 2015 as an audio only podcast. Landon West, Tyler Bennett, and Chuck Livingston hosted the show that was recorded after-hours and completely independent. The trio of local media created a show of banter, information, and hijinks. In the fall of 2016, the show went to video with the same hosts. A typical show included thoughts from the previous week's events, a look ahead with predictions, and the occasional interview of student athletes and coaches. Patcast Online was also created with a new web home and the additional use of social media. However, Chuck's departure to join Hooten's Arkansas Football Magazine and the rise of streaming Patriot Athletics would spell the beginning of a two year hiatus for the show. Winter of 2016 would begin the focus of streaming on Patcast Online with Facebook Live  for the remaining hosts. Efforts included the 2017 6A State Girls Basketball championship.  The entire operation would be placed under the control of Marion School District in the Fall of 2017 and the name Patcast Online would be shelved for the creation of the Marion Patriots Athletics Network. MPAN focused exclusively on streaming efforts for two full school years. With the use of the Mascot Media platform, MPAN broadcasts were consistently in the top 5 in Arkansas and top 10 in the entire national network. This created a foundation allowing students to participate in its operation while earning volunteer credit with the National Honor Society. With the full-time employment of Tyler Bennett as the Marion School District's communications specialist in the Summer of 2019, enough resources were available for MPAN to bring back The Patcast for its third season as a weekly show to bolster the live broadcasts of Patriots Athletics events.