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Marion golf teams open 2023 schedule


The Marion golf teams have enjoyed a number of competitive seasons under Coach Tim Ginn, and 2023 should be no different. This fall's Patriot golf squads are different, but the same. The boys' team expects to have at least two seniors in its top five, while the girls' roster is all underclassmen. “This is an exciting time because we have so many people out here right now learning the game,” said Ginn. “The kids are eager to work and are excited about getting better, and that's what makes it fun as a coach.” Marion will host the 2023 conference tournament at Cypress View golf course, a fact that excites Ginn. “This is not an easy course, but we play it so often that we want to make it to our advantage,” said the coach. “By the time we start the tournament, a lot of our kids will have played here dozens of times and that can't be a bad thing.” Marion's girls' team has seen three of its more productive players graduate over the past two years, but Kylie Percell, Raleigh Ellis, Alden Ashley, and Zoe Conlee have improved a ton since 2022. “Kylie is a very good athlete who's strong and has a good-looking swing,” said Ginn. “Zoe played a lot this summer and has improved considerably. Alden and Raleigh have been very pleasant surprises. We always knew they were good, but they're better than they've ever been.” Supriya Chowdhury, who also plays softball, maybe the most improved player on the team. Ellis paced Marion in its first tri-match with Wynne and West Memphis, carding a 54, but Percell (55), Ashley (56), Conlee (58), and Chowdhury (59) were just behind. In the Pats' second match, Ellis led the way with 109, followed by Riley Moore's 110. Ashley shot 113, while Chowdhury and Conlee finished with 114. Percell carded a 117. Marion's boys have a more experienced roster, led by senior Jack Carter. Carter, who's also the baseball team's catcher, has qualified for the state tournament the past two years as a team, and he could compete for a bid this year as an individual. “Jack has really been working hard, he wants to be great,” said Ginn. “We love having him around because he's got such a great attitude, and he's really good at the game.” Jas Small joined the team over the summer and “We are stoked that he's with us,” said the coach. “He's kind of a natural. For him to be as good as he is and having played as little as he has is kind of remarkable.” Oliver Thomas, Drew Horton, Dylan Murphy, and Judd Stevens round out the Marion boys club. Thomas led the day for Marion in the Pats' opening tri-match when he carded a 46, but Horton was hot on his heels with a 47. Small finished with a 52, while Murphy shot 53 and Stevens checked in with 61. In the second match, Carter shot a 78, followed by Thomas (91), Small and Stevens (96), and Horton (99).

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